Aurora Borealis

The Aurora, also known as the Northern Lights, are glowing, dancing curtains of light. They ripple and sway, fold and unfold, then suddenly disappear, only to reform in a new shape minutes later. They appear in the sky when the electrically charged particles from the Sun are blown on a solar wind and react to the earth's magnetic field. Come experience the wonders of the aurora borealis or the northern lights in the Canadian wilderness.  Viewing the aurora borealis leaves you with a very spiritual feeling and a sense of amazement. While the northern lights can be seen year round in Canada, they are best viewed in fall and winter when the nights are longer. The aurora borealis appear frequently at the more northern latitudes of Canada, however they regularly appear north of the ~53rd parallel as well. Escorted tours to view the aurora borealis are available .

                  January & February & March