CHURCHILL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE                                


Churchill: -is a community that demonstrates high ethical standards -has a municipal, provincial, federal government with sound long term economic

strategies -is a community that understands the nature and value of entrepreneurship which

achieves a sustainable balanced business environment -Is a community that promotes the progress of all its citizens without prejudice?


  1. -To foster a dynamic vibrant economy making Churchill a positive place in which to live, work, invest and raise a family

  2. -

  3. -ROLE

-Promote through its members the progress and development of Churchill and its associated communities to make a better place in which to live, work, and prosper.

-unite the Churchill Chamber of Commerce members to help make possible effective action in the promotion of matters pertaining to their common interests

-promote mutual cooperation between Churchill Chamber of Commerce and Town of Churchill, Mayor and Council

-develop and present informed views -promote civic, commercial, industrial, tourism and other general interests of

Churchill, northern communities, Manitoba, and Canada


(1)Promote, through its members, the progress and development of Churchill, and its associated communities to make them better places in which to live, work, and prosper.

(2)Unite the Chamber of Commerce members to help make possible united action in the promotion of matters pertaining to their common interests.

(3)Promote mutual co-operation between it and the Town of Churchill, Mayor and Council.

(4)Develop and present informed views and opinions of its members to the Provincial Legislature and/or Federal Government and others, as may be deemed advisable.

(5)Promote a sustainable northern transportation, health, aerospace, education, industrial, and tourism of Churchill.

  1. (6)Promote a supportive relationship with the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce and within the Commerce movement .    



1.Wherever the words “Executive” occur in these by-laws, they mean “Executive of The Churchill Chamber of Commerce”.


2.The Churchill Chamber of Commerce shall be non-sectional, non-sectarian and politically non-partisan.

3.The registered office of the Chamber shall be in the Churchill Chamber of Commerce Visitor Information Centre, or in such place therein as the Executive may from time to time decide.


4.There shall be 2 categories of membership in the Churchill Chamber of Commerce: Category 1: any business or business firm, corporation, professional or trade association Category 2: any individual

5.Membership shall be applied for by verbal or written request to the Churchill Chamber of Commerce and when approved by the Executive, the applicant shall become a member.

6.A business in good standing may designate an alternate representative for any meeting.

7.Any member may withdraw from membership by submitting to the Executive a written resignation and payment of all outstanding obligations to The Churchill Chamber of Commerce.

8.Membership fees, prorated or otherwise, are not refundable to suspended members.


11.The annual membership dues shall be in an amount that may from time to time be determined by the Executive.

12.Dues shall be payable to The Churchill Chamber of Commerce with the request for membership are payable January 1st of each year.



13.The fiscal year of the Churchill Chamber of Commerce shall end on December 31st.


14.Each member hereof shall be entitled to one vote. In all cases a simple majority vote shall govern except as otherwise provided in these By-laws

15(a)each member business in good standing shall be entitled to be represented at all general meetings of The Churchill Chamber of Commerce. It may also appoint an alternate voting representative who may act during the temporary, absence of the voting representative.

(b)A member business may be present by proxy as a voting representative and shall receive voting accreditation.

(c)A proxy shall be in such form as the Executive shall prescribe, failing such prescription a proxy may be in any usual form.

16.All persons who are members shall have, subject to the rules of parliamentary procedure, the privileges of the floor at general meetings The Churchill Chamber of Commerce; provided however, that only the voting representative especially accredited for that purpose shall be entitled to vote or introduce or second motions on behalf of the member represented by that voting representative.


17.The Annual Meeting shall be held each year on such date and at such time and place as determined by the Executive. Notice of such Annual Meeting shall be mailed by the Executive to each member at least thirty (30) days in advance thereof.

18.Voting shall normally be by show of hands, but on the request of three (3) or more accredited voting representatives, voting shall be by roll call, or by secret ballot, whichever shall be chosen. Unless otherwise stated in these By-laws, a simple majority vote shall carry any motion or resolution.

(a).Should voting be carried out by secret ballot, three scrutinizers from the membership shall be appointed to distribute and collect ballots and count votes. The final tally will be given to the Chair for announcement to the membership.

(b).All ballots will be retained until the end of the meeting, at which time they will be destroyed.



21. (a)


(c) (d)




(i) (ii)

Special Meetings may be called by the President, Executive or any five (5) members. Notice shall be sent by the Secretary to each member at least ten (10) days prior to the date of such meetings, which notice shall specify the purpose for which the meeting is called, and no other business shall be transacted at such meetings.

Notices of the Annual Meeting and of Special Meetings shall be mailed to each member to such address for the member as appears on the books of the Chamber, or, if no address be given therein, then in the last address of such member known to the secretary. Notice of any meeting or any irregularity in any meeting or in the notice thereof may be waived by any member business or the duly appointed representative of any member business. Where the provisions of this By-law as to notice have duly observed the non-receipt of any notice by any member shall not invalidate any proceeding or transaction at any meeting.

It shall be the duty of the voting representative at each Annual Meeting to:

review, and if deemed proper, approve the annual financial statements for the Chamber’s preceding fiscal year, and the Auditor’s report thereon;

consider, and if deemed proper, ratify and confirm the decisions and actions of the Executive since the last Annual Meeting;

elect the Officers;

Review the existing policies in relationship with new and changed circumstances since the time the policies were established.

Delete policies which:

are no longer applicable or consistent with the objectives of the Churchill Chamber of Commerce, or

Have become redundant either through the passage of time or their purposes having been satisfied;

Adopt and/or establish policies based on events, circumstances and activities that have occurred since the last Annual meeting.

Have a good time.


22.Accredited voting representatives from at least five (5) members shall constitute a quorum at any general or special meeting of the Churchill Chamber of Commerce.


23. (a)

(b) (c) (d) 24. 25.

No policy proposal may be discussed at the Annual Meeting unless:

It be provincial or national in character, timely in importance and general in application to both economic and public welfare, and

It shall have been approved by the policy review committee for compliance with Section (a) hereof, and

It shall have been submitted by a member in writing, to the policy review committee at lest thirty (30) days before the Annual Meeting, or

It shall have emanated from the Executive, and have been submitted thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Meeting.

Policy proposals shall be distributed by the President to all members at least fifteen (15) days prior to the Annual Meeting.

Notwithstanding any of the provisions contained herein, in the case of an emergency, the President and/or Executive may introduce policy proposals to a duly constituted meeting of members without previous notice to members.


26.At the Annual or Special Meeting, any subject, even though it has not satisfied the requirements of these By-laws for presentation to the meeting, may be brought to the floor of the meeting for discussion if a motion to do so is carried by a majority of not less than two-thirds of the votes cast. If the subject is then placed on the floor of the meeting, and a motion is introduced, then such motion shall require a majority of not less than two-thirds of the votes cast for passage.


27.Policy proposals adopted by an Annual Meeting become policy of the Churchill Chamber of Commerce for one (1) year and any policy that is not amended or updated ceases to be policy of The Churchill Chamber of Commerce at the end of Annual Meeting following the adoption of the policy proposals.


28.The affairs of The Churchill Chamber of Commerce shall be managed by an Executive.

29.Three (3) Executive shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the Executive. 

30. 31.





(a) (b) (c) (d) (e)

(a) (b) (c) (d) (e)

The term of office of The Executive shall be one (1) year concluding at the next Annual Meeting.

In the event ofa vacancy occurring on the Executive, the Executive may appoint a member to fill any such vacancy for the unexpired portion of the Executive term.

The Executive shall consist of the following: President; Vice President Immediate Past President

Secretary; Treasurer.

In the event that the position of any Officer (other than that of the President) may become vacant for any reason whatsoever, the Executive may appoint a person to fill such a position to hold office until the next Annual Meeting.

The Executive shall be responsible for:

Overseeing the day to day operations of the Chamber;

Management of the financial affairs of the Chamber;

The selection and supervision of Committee Chairpersons;

The promotion of unity within the community; and

Such other duties as the Executive deem necessary.

The records of the Chamber shall be maintained within the Churchill Public Library Archives, except for the most recent year past and that of the current year.


36.The Annual Meeting will be held during the month of September. At least sixty (60) days before each Annual Meeting the President shall appoint a Nominating Committee of five (5) members, composed of the Past-President as Chairman, one other member of the Executive and three members at large.

The duties of the Nominating Committee will be as follows: (1) From the members, prepare a slate of persons to fill the following offices:

The President 

The Immediate Past – President The Vice-President The Secretary The Treasurer

(2) To mail this slate to all members at least thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Meeting and thereafter to submit this slate to the Annual Meeting.

(3) Upon election of the new slate of officers, they shall be sworn into office.



38. 39.



(1) (2)

(3) (4)

(1) (2)

(3) (4)

The President shall act as the spokesperson and public representative of the Chamber. The President shall preside at all meetings of The Churchill Chamber of Commerce. He/She shall be a member ex-officio of all standing and special committees and shall perform such other duties as are usual to his/her office.

The Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President in the event of the temporary disability or absence of the President.

The Treasurer in consultation with the President shall prepare interim financial statements for the Executive meetings and shall prepare and present them at the Annual Meeting for approval. The proposed budget for the following year to be presented for approval at the September Executive meeting.

The Secretary shall:

Keep or have kept the minutes and proceedings of all meetings of the Churchill Chamber of Commerce; Ensure proper care and custody of the records of The Churchill Chamber of Commerce;

Attend to the publication of various reports: Perform such other duties as are usual to such an office.

The responsibility of the Executive shall be expanded to include the following:

To serve as Chairperson and/or member of Committees as may be required by the undertakings of The Churchill Chamber of Commerce;

To maintain contact with the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce and support their initiatives;

Attend all meetings as called by the President; To seek and encourage non-members to become members;  

(5) (6)

(7) (8)

To seek and encourage the formation of new Committees or the revival of defunct committees.

To deal with all major provincial or federal policy issues as they impact on the community.

To deal with all policy decisions of the Chamber between Annual Meetings;

To meet at least once each month following the Annual meeting.

The local bank facility will be used for all financial transactions. Bank accounts will be opened at the discretion of the Executive to maintain accurate accounting records. Savings accounts should be used whenever possible to maximize benefits.


43.All contracts, documents and instruments requiring the signature of the Chamber may be signed on behalf of the Chamber by any two of the Executive. In addition, the Executive may from time to time by resolution authorize any person or persons either to sign generally contracts documents and instruments.


44.The Executive shall appoint annually immediately following the annual meeting from the membership, representation and chairpersons to Chamber and community committees as required.


45.Standing, Special Committees or Task Forces may be appointed by the Executive as required. The terms of reference and duration of appointment will be as set out by the Executive.


46.These By-laws may be amended by deletion, alteration or addition thereto, at any regularly called meeting by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the voting representatives present thereat; or by the Executive at any meeting thereof by a two-thirds vote of the members then present, such amendment or amendments to become effective immediately subject however, to ratification at it next Annual Meeting provided, however twenty-one (21) days notice in writing defining the proposed amendment or amendments shall have first been mailed to every member or, if the amendment or amendments are submitted to the Executive for advice, then to every member thereof. 


47.The order of business of the Annual and Special Meetings shall be fixed by the President, subject to change by a majority vote of the meeting in session. The regular order of business may be changed by majority vote of two-thirds of the accredited voting representative in attendance.


48.With a view to co-ordinate, strengthening, and uniting the Chamber of Commerce movement across Canada, the Executive is authorized generally to enter into any agreement with the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce, which, as determined by a majority vote of the Executive, is deemed advisable.


49.With a view to coordinating, strengthening and uniting those efforts mutually enjoyed by the community at large, the Chamber will work co-operatively with other community initiatives to signify a unified front to further all efforts.


50.The official seal of The Churchill Chamber of Commerce shall be kept by the President, and affixed to such documents as required by an Officer appointed by Resolution of the Executive. Any document certified by the President and under seal shall be binding and shall be taken as a true copy of the document of which it purports to be a copy.

ADOPTED AND PASSED by the Membership of THE CHURCHILL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE at a Special Meeting held at Churchill in the Province of Manitoba, this 27th day of September 2010.