Northern Bison exercises, a larger expedition was planned for this February. Starting on February 17- 2011, over 250 troops along with a small group of Canadian Rangers headed northward on a two week snowmobile trip from Churchill Manitoba  to Arviat Nunavut.

A early 1900 Hudson Bay  trading post building at Nunalla, the halfway point between Churchill and Arviat, was set up as a operations base. A military  Tent camp complete with landing strip and almost 150 snowmobiles. This is a joint task force a Canadian military Arctic Response Company Group (ARCG). With the Canadian Government’s increasing interest in arctic sovereignty and military presence, training in and around Churchill will likely be a welcome annual winter exercises. The Churchill Chamber Of Commerce is looking forward to assisting the Northern Bison exercise for another year.


         Canadian Arctic sovereignty patrols.

        In Memory of Cpl. David R Braun

  a fallen soldier in Afghanistan. 

  A participant of Northern Bison exercises     




                    February Northern Bison Exercises