During October and November,  The Hudson Bay starts to freeze, The town of Churchill  experiences overrun with polar bears as they travel their migration path. We don’t think you’ll ever want to miss the opportunity to take some amazing photographs and live an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime. So, plan your next trip to Churchill, Manitoba and see the polar bears. This will surely be memorable.


In late autumn, ice begins to form north of Churchill along the western shore of Hudson Bay. Many polar bears move north along the shore and pass through the town on their way to intercept the ice as it forms. By moving north to intercept the ice, the bears shorten the time they spend fasting on land. Once on the ice they can begin to hunt seals again.

Polar bears have been migrating this route for thousands of years, long before the town of Churchill was built. Dial 675-bear if you see a polar bear in town.



           Churchill Manitoba is truly a unique place on this Earth



                        October & November