April & May Sea Ice & Floe Edge Adventures


Ringed seals are the smallest of all pinnipeds (seals, sea lions, and walruses) with adults in The Hudson Bay rarely exceeding five feet in length and 150 pounds. Ringed seals weigh the most in the winter and early spring when they have a thick layer of blubber under their skin. The blubber serves as insulation and as an energy source during the breeding and pupping season. The weight of Ringed seals declines with the decrease in feeding during the reproductive and moulting season.

To catch a seal, the Polar Bear will stand above breathing holes between the ice and once a seal pops his head above the surface, the Polar Bear will snatch it out of the Hudson Bay. The seal has very little chance of survival when it is under attack from a Polar Bear as one hard swift from their massive paws could mean death for the seal.

A Polar Bear requires around four pounds of food a day in order to stay healthy throughout the year and a single ringed seal weighs approximately one hundred and twenty-one pounds. If needed, one seal could provide a Polar Bear with enough food for up to a period of eight days but they do not seem to stretch it that long if there is ample food in the area.

       Come and explore the Sea Ice and Floe Edge of the Hudson Bay

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